CBSE Sample Papers

The use of Sample Papers for a student is immense. If one goes by the saying ‘Practice makes Perfect’, Sample Papers are probably the greatest source of preparation for all kinds of exams. We present to you a complete collection of sample for CBSE students. CBSE Sample papers for Class 1 to Class 12 have been strategically formulated to aid in smarter preparation. We offer students question papers for all subjects, i.e., Science, Maths, Social Science, English, Hindi and Sanskrit. The process of developing these sample papers involves thorough knowledge of CBSE prescribed books and other substantial ones, and the expertise of professionals in each of the subjects.

Features of CBSE Sample Papers

Our module for CBSE Sample Papers incorporates the curriculum prescribed by the Board as well as the requirements of students. With the revised status of the exam format for students, we have recreated the offered sample papers too, customising them for the CCE pattern. Our aim is to provide students with questions and a format identical to the ones in the real exams. All types of questions, namely, MCQ questions, very short answer type questions, short answer, long answer and essay type questions can be accessed here.

CBSE Sample Papers with their Solutions

So, we facilitate:

  • A customised question module for CBSE Students
  • All-inclusive preparation for CBSE exams
  • Time-based practice to analyse status of preparation
  • Revision before exams and all year round

Benefits of CBSE Sample Papers

Now students can gain an advantage as they have a better idea of what kind of question papers to expect in CBSE exams. Having a clue about the format of the CBSE question papers not only works wonders on the amount of confidence students possess, with respect to their progress, but keeps them updated in each topic; every subject too. So, students get to prepare their entire syllabus quicker and in a set pattern for all of their exams. They can solve their doubts in any topic or chapter simultaneously, too, through these CBSE sample papers.

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    class 7 science and maths sample paper

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